DWN’S Terrible Horror Crap Podcast

DWN’s Terrible Horror Crap Podcast Sponsored by Fast Custom Shirts Episode 241 Another Long December Part 4 or “The 2020 Christmas Spooktacular”

December 22, 2020

On this episode Mexican Joe and half a Polack Tom talks about and reviews VFW, Ghost Dog way of the Samurai, Spookies, Art School Confidential, Olivia, The Night B4 Christmas, Mission to the Moon, Grumpy Cat's Worst Christmas ever, and fuck you.  How about that I sucked up the Christmas spirits and I'm drunk typing this garbage.  Your fat ass probably isn't reading it anyways.  You wanna hear about the Amazing Spider-Man issue #45 and out Top 10 Holiday movies and or Specials?  Then listen!!!!  Or burn in HECK!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Merry Crisplins, YOU FUCKZ!!!!




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