DWN’S Terrible Horror Crap Podcast

DWN’s Terrible Horror Crap Podcast Sponsored by Fast Custom Shirts Episode 239 “The King wants to FUCK” or Another Long December part 2

December 7, 2020

On this episode Jerklin' Joe and Mr. M talk about and review Castle Freak 2020 the Remake, The Boy 2, Spontaneous, The New Mutants, The Amulet, Freaky, Blood Vessel, Notzilla, The Old Guard, Scare Package and more garbage movies 2020 had to offer.  We also talk about The Amazing Spider-Man Annual #3 and Masterbate with Dario Argento and we ramble on about Jenifer, his episode of Masters of Horror season 1.  Not only all that horse shit but we also pile on pig shit and list our Top 10 Movies with Non Human Character Names in the Title!!!  Fuck You!!!!!





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